NACS – OnCue to Receive 2023’s FMN Fuels Innovator of the Year Award

Sep 13, 2023

OnCue representative accepts 2023 FMN Fuel Innovator of the Year Award. OnCue earned this award for fuel retailers with fewer than 100 locations.

OnCue Marketing have been honored with the FMN Fuels Innovator of the Year Award presented by Fuels Market News Magazine.

Stillwater, Oklahoma-based OnCue Marketing (operator of OnCue Express) earned the award for a fuels retailer with fewer than 100 locations. The company was founded in 2004 and operates over 65 locations throughout Oklahoma and Texas.

OnCue promotes the quality of its Top Tier Phillips 66 gasoline and offers ethanol-free as well as ethanol-blended gasolines up to E85. It pays equal attention to its diesel product, with an emphasis on its winter performance. The company operates EV charging at six locations, all with level 3 fast chargers, and has explored a range of approaches to servicing this market. In addition, OnCue offers compressed natural gas (CNG) at select locations.

The convenience retailers were selected for the awards based on overall fuel excellence, technology and operational efficiency. The awards were determined by combining the criteria used in the annual OPIS/FMN Fuel Leaders issue that ranks retailers with a core focus on fueling efficiency, plus examining how retailers innovate with fuel products, their use of technology and strategies for EV charging.

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