A.I. Global Media – OnCue Voted Best Dog Activity Park

May 10, 2024

A young boy hugging a dog at the OnCue Express dog park in Billings, Oklahoma.

OnCue has been awarded “Best Dog Activity Park in Noble County” by A.I. Global Media for the second consecutive year. 

A.I. Global Media’s research and judging team assessed OnCue’s suitability for the achievement by measuring metrics through websites, social media, review platforms, customer testimonials and media outlets. The evaluation of these mediums has allowed OnCue to uphold the award from 2023. 

The first OnCue dog park opened in Billings, Oklahoma in 2016 after a customer made a request to an employee. This was one of the first dog park implemented at a convenience store in Oklahoma. Since then, OnCue has added five more dog parks at different stores for customers’ four-legged friends and has been awarded twice for the pet-friendly design.